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The Law

Is your business compliant?

The law imposes certain obligations regarding health & safety on all UK companies, with a greater burden placed on companies who have 5 or more employees:

At Comply UK we remove the jargon within the legal requirements and prioritise safety activity to help our customers meet their health & safety obligations in an effective and efficient way.

All business in the UK employing five or more people must ensure they meet basic legal requirements.

We've highlighted just five of these key obligations for your guidance:

Annually produce a health & safety policy specific to your business

Your health and safety policy sets out the arrangements you have put in place for managing health and safety in your business. It is a unique document that says who does what, when and how.

Assess Areas of Risk within your Business

Identify all workplace hazards, decide who can be harmed and how. Then put in control measures to either eradicate or control the risks. "risk assessments" must be recorded in written form, review date set and signed off.

Understand injury/incident reporting procedures

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013, requires you to report work-related accidents, diseases and near-miss incidents. It's important to be aware of this and to know how to report, even if you never need to.

Provide free health and safety training and supervision

Everyone who works for you, including self-employed people, needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. So you need to train them formally, record it and then supervise their work.

Track health & safety legislation changes

Understand and log relevant changes in UK health & safety legislation. These changes occur several times throughout the year, and it's important to be aware of current legislation relevant to your particular industry.

Are you legal, do you have written up-to-date documentation in place, do you have a safety management system to help you record your safety activity, are you abreast of the latest legislation:

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